Keeping your business running during a disaster is our business

StorTrust Business Continuity as a Service

  • Protect Your Data. Cloud like approach with the security of a legacy data center.

  • Protect Your Business. Expertise when you need it most, our partnership can guide you through any crisis.

  • Improve Backup & Recovery. Hybrid recovery & replication so that you control your future restores  while we protect your data.

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StorTrust can prepare for critical data disruptions and improve your ability to recover from disaster


Understanding your network and how it performs in an outage is paramount to restoring your data & keeping you continuous.

Implement & Test

Together we work towards a plan, that we have designed specifically to your assessed needs. We then test your environment to guarantee confidence in the midst of chaos.

Manage & Sustain

Replication can seem like a one step process but is closer to a long term relationship. We provide physical seeds to speed up full site outages & test your DR plan yearly.

80% of executives fully expect that their disaster recovery plans can run their business in the aftermath of a disruption, but only 22% include all mission-critical applications in their DR program.

—Forbes Insights, Business resiliency: Now’s the time to transform continuity strategies, 2017

Are you prepared for a critical service disruption? Allow StorTrust to help prepare your business before a disaster strikes. 

StorTrust provides both business continuity as a service & disaster recovery allowing to address your business's specific data protection needs. From the very start from assessment to implementation, we forge a partnership that results in full resiliency program management.

"What People Are Saying"

“Abtech’s assistance in design and installation of our new student registration system saved the college $250K in capitol expense. Instead of buying two full vxRail nodes (primary and back-up) Abtech provided remote replication and spin up using their StorTrust DRaaS solution for a fraction of the cost of purchasing and housing a second vxRail onsite. Abtech’s solution not only saved time and money, it also provided out of the area replication and DR that we would not had with a two node (onsite) solution.”


IT Director, California Community College

"Abtech really come through when it mattered. They went above an beyond and got us back up and running.

If they hadn't we would have missed the deadline to invoice our client and lost several million dollars."


IT Director, National Defense Contractor

“Abtech provided an integrated back-up and disaster recovery solution for all our mission-critical systems running on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, VMware and HP UNIX. In the past, we had to send tapes offsite and recovery time was extensive. Now we can restore both locally and remotely including same day spin-up at Abtech’s secure sites in Nevada and California.”


IT Director, Maryland Community College

Business Continuity with Ease

Need Peace of Mind?

StorTrust provides 24/7 zero click restore service. Which means there is no complex dashboard to learn, no stress, and no pressure.


A quick phone call to us and we spin up your critical systems in our cloud.

  • Cloud Disaster Recovery, Total protection against any disaster. Wildfires, hurricanes, power failure, system failure, human error. Our StorTrust service will protect your business.

  • Ransomware Protection, You don't need to worry about ransomware when you have StorTrust. We have consistently recovered businesses from attacks, with no ransom paid out and no data lost.

  • Backup & Recovery, Backing up your data is important. Being able to recover that data is vital. StorTrust includes best of breed backup and recovery tools with built in compression, deduplication and replication.

Comprehensive E-Books & Resource Guide

Ransomware Protection

Free guide on how to protect your business against ransomware attacks

Malicious Attack



What happens when you fire an employee, but they don't go quietly?

  1. They go back to their desk and start to delete files.
  2. They know what they are doing. Some of these files are critical to the business.
  3. Some of these files are necessary for compliance. You could face legal action.


If you have StorTrust, we can get your data back quickly, keeping your business running.

StorTrust Solutions

StorTrust Disaster Recovery as a Service is a custom tailored solution that fits your specific needs. Zero click restore means there is no complex dashboard for you to learn, no stress, and no pressure.


A quick call to us an we spin up your critical systems in our cloud.

Ransonware Attack



What happens when an employee accidentally opens an infected email attachment?

  1. Your file server becomes infected - Users can't access their files.
  2. The ransom demand arrives - A message appears on the user's screen demanding $$$ in bitcoin within 48 hours.
  3. What do you do? - You can pay the ransom or lose the data. In the meantime, your business in on hold.

If you have StorTrust, we can get your data back quickly, keeping your business running.

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